I booked this trip after the death of a close friends to get a much needed mental health break. Polly was a most welcoming host and her knowledge of local history and the local area as well as her love for all of her animals was very apparent. After our first night in our gypsy caravan we were met by Ruth our groom and Ned, the most gentle, slightly cheeky and calm horse you could ever hope to meet, Ruth was very patient explaining the grooming, tacking procedures and once Ned was positioned in front of the caravan we proceeded on our route. Just over an hour to the first stop for lunch, and a sponge bath and grazing and grooming break for Ned. 
After the lunch break we continue for another trip of just over an hour to our next destination a very lush grazing field where with the help of our groom Ruth, Ned was properly cooled down and fed and brushed after which he had a sizable field in which to roam or join us at the campfire circle if he so chooses. He often graced us with his presence but all of it was on his terms. 
The next day after a campfire breakfast and a morning relaxing, Polly, Ruth and Maria came and helped us tack up Ned, after making sure he had been properly groomed and after another trip of just over an hour we were back at our final destination. All that was left to do was give Ned a final sponge bath before the inevitable goodbye. 
At no point during this entire trip have I had the slightly hesitation or inkling that the horses were not up to the task of performing something they were bred to do or didn’t want to carry out the task that was ahead of them and I have no hesitation of recommending Polly and white horse gypsy caravans to anyone who would like a complete break from modern life for a day or two.
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