We made a stop at Avebury before going on to Polly’s cottage, which is only 6 miles away. If you’re interested in the sacred landscape of Wiltshire, you will love the more secret spots you will come across on this trip. Truly magical.

The stops we made at lunch and dinner were great. The food at The Seven Stars at Bottlesford was fabulous and great value. Be prepared for a more wild camping experience at this site though! The facilities at The Golden Swan are great - there’s a shower available here.

We were so excited to sit up front and take the reins! Thanks to Pops, Hayley and Sharon who walked with us (not all at once!) and made sure we didn’t end up in a hedge or wrapped around a lorry! Ned has got to be the most patient, chilled out pony ever.

The trip was so special. We went as a couple and had great fun. (Take marshmallows to toast on the fire, and to treat Ned and Babs!) Kids will love this! Thank you so much to Polly, Pops, Hayley, and Sharon for making our holiday so relaxing, and special.
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