I booked this as a surprise birthday getaway for my partner and we both thoroughly enjoyed it- even though my partner doesn't 'do' horses (despite us having our own!). We warmly greeted by Polly on the first evening, and she had booked us a table at the local pub- where we had a great meal.

The next morning, we were helped to tack up our pony for the few days- Ned. These horses (we had visited them in their field the night before)are clearly well loved and cared for, and we were encouraged to be as involved as much or as little as we wanted. After an hour or so at a gentle pace we had a great pub lunch while Ned grazed and then moved onto our next stop.

This was my favourite part of the holiday- a lovely private corner lit up by fairy lights, surrounded by trees and a brook and peace and quiet, birds and Ned. We had the option of a fire pit to cook on or the pub down the road. We then had the morning to relax, go to local garden centre and cafes and explore (there is a crop circle museum just down the road). We set off again in the afternoon towards Polly's for our final night.

I'd like to reiterate that horse welfare was paramount through out the holiday- a gentle leisurely pace of an hour or so at a time, with us walking alongside whilst travelling uphill meant I had no concerns over Ned's capabilities, and we had a groom with us at all times to make sure he was ok. Having had my own horses for years, I would thoroughly recommend this small company, it is lovely to see horses doing a proper job that they were bred for. Thank you for a lovely holiday Polly!
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